Chimparty PS4 Gets New Trailer Featuring Goofiness


Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released a brand new trailer of the pick-up-and-play family-friendly video game Chimparty.

Chimparty new trailer details

The new trailer features a family of paper cut-out people that are preparing to play the video game filled with tons of mini-games. The narrator tells the viewers of the different contents that they can play with this family-friendly game. It turns into a wacky video as the narrator states that how bizarre it would be if they were to play it without the use of a PlayStation 4. This ends in a rain of items that appears on the screen like bongos, bananas, and some outrageous ones like an alien laser cannon.

The game makes use of the PS4’s PlayLink functionality and features a series of 18 colorful minigames across 90 levels. These can be played via smartphones as controllers. They can customize their monkey avatars as they battle it out in haunted castles, pirate ships, and jungles.

The game is now available on PS4.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out the PlayStation Page here.