Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Pre-Orders Will Include Captain Price Bonus

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Captain Price bonus

Game publisher Activision recently revealed a brand new promotion for upcoming video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pre-order Blackout bonus

As it turns out, there will be a bonus for gamers who pre-order the upcoming video game reboot of the popular first person shooter series. This bonus will allow them to get new content for last year’s title Black Ops 4.

Popular Modern Warfare character Captain Price is the bonus character that can be accessed by those who pre-ordered the upcoming game. He will be available in Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale mode Blackout. He will immediately be available for play in that mode once the pre-order bonus goes through.

This kind of bonus will only be available on PlayStation 4 at the moment. This is part of PlayStation’s ongoing exclusivity deal with Activision. After July 18, he will be available for play on other platforms.

The upcoming game will launch on Oct. 25. It will be released on PS4. Pre-order here.

Check out the trailer here: