Borderlands GOTY Player Coop Issues Now Worked On By Devs

Borderlands GOTY group

A recent issue of Borderlands GOTY Edition has rendered its player coop unplayable, and now game developer Gearbox is looking into it.

Borderlands GOTY issue now worked on

A lot of fans were really looking forward to this Game of the Year Edition of the game, but there were some kinks in this version. For some odd reason, the player coop mode of the game is not playable, which got some fans sad.

The GOTY version makes it the first time the original game now available for the PlayStation 4. This meant lot of nostalgic fans looking forward to play their favorite game on the latest Sony console. Unfortunately this recent issue made the gameplay missing something.


A lot of players reported of their failed attempts of playing coop. There is still no clear reason why the sessions fail. Some of them stated that it happened when the session starts, other would not be able to get into a friend’s game. Replies revealed that there should be some troubleshooting steps to follow like making sure UPNP is on, and other forwarding methods.

The forum moderator from Gearbox finally made an announcement. They are fully aware of the problems, and now they were working on a solution to make this issue go away.