Bloodstained Creator Koji Igarashi Plans Title To Be Series

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night piano recital

Game creator and director Koji Igarashi recently divulged in an interview that he is planning to have Bloodstained turned into a game series.

Bloodstained to become game series despite numerous setbacks

The launch of the game as not horrible, but before it was fully released there were tons of technical issues that were needed to be tackled by Igarashi and his development team. Despite the delays, it was well-received when it finally launched in full by the fans of his previous work, Castlevania and the new ones. With that kind of inspiration, he now plans to make it into a series.

According to Igarashi, Ritual of the Night was just the start for the next step. He then noted how much work and effort he put into this title, and now he wants to continue working on the title by making it into a series.

Igarashi gave an interesting hint that there will be other types of game experiences for this game, with the possibility of going into other worlds. He did say that his studio’s strong point is 2D sidescrollers, but he wants to create more games of the genre with different world settings. He also wanted his team to be challenged.

This is his statement about the numerous hurdles that his team had to overcome when they developed the first game:

When you’re working with an outsourced studio, it can be difficult to match the quality line when things changed. With Bloodstained, we would first share our goal with the outsourced studio and make sure we both agree and determine the necessities, but even with proper planning it’s difficult to reach.

Ritual of the Night is already available on PlayStation 4. Here’s our review.

Source: Destructoid