BioWare Is Still Improving The ANTHEM Public Demo

Anthem Javelin suit

Last week’s VIP Demo was indeed plagued with problems. Numerous players didn’t manage to get into the game after almost 5 hours since the demo opened its gates. Even if the server capacity was extended, there were still issues like the infinite loading screen where players had to force close the demo and re-launch to rejoin the expedition.

Now, with the public demo of Anthem to go live in just a couple of hours, BioWare is still working “hard” to make sure the fixes will be added before people start to get into the game. “We’re hard at work to be ready for our public demo weekend,” said Chad Robertson on the BioWare blog post. “This week has been focused on improving the player experience in the demo – that focus was based on our learnings and your feedback. For those of you that played last weekend, you should see significant improvement in multiple areas over last week.”

Robertson assures players that there are significant improvements since the last demo and that the experience will be a lot better, and that his team will be monitoring the issues and provide fixes immediately once reported.

Players who played during the VIP demo who plan to get back into Anthem this week gets to keep their Javelins, progression, and loots.

The public demo starts later at:

  • 9am PT
  • 12pm ET
  • 5pm UK

Source: BioWare