Battlefield V Content Roadmap Revealed With New Tease

Battlefield V soldier

Game developer DICE recently revealed the official content roadmap for popular FPS Battlefield V.

Battlefield V roadmap details

In a recent blog post by DICE, the developer outlined some details of what will be coming to the game throughout this year, 2019. First off is the Tides of Chapters that will continue after Trial by Fire, which is currently the recent and active content.

Trial by Fire is actually the third chapter of the game, and introduced the newest and biggest addition to the game called Firestorm battle royale mode. Aside from that content, chapter 3 will include a new map to multiplayer called Mercury. It will be set in the Mediterranean island of Crete, which is based on Operation Mercury.

A new game mode will also be introduced called the Grind. This is a different version of Conquest and will focus more on fast-paced action. The Combined Arms co-op mode will be improved with matchmaking, and there will be two new missions added during the chapter.

Chapter 4 will be called Defying the Odds and will launch this coming June. It will introduce a new map and a new 5v5 competitive mode. The specific name of the mode and the details were not revealed yet, but DICE did confirm that it will launch with dedicated arenas that are designed for it.

The map is called Marita and will be set in 1940, based on the Battle of Greece. More information will be revealed in the upcoming EA Play.

The post also teased the upcoming chapter 5, which will be called Awakening the Giant. Some speculate that this will be set in the Pacific theatre.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Official Blog