Battlefield V Gets new Trailer Featuring Battle Royale Game

Battlefield V title

Game developer DICE and publisher EA recently released a new trailer of the upcoming FPS video game Battlefield V featuring the Battle Royale mode.

Battlefield V Battle Royale mode revealed

Both companies revealed that there will be eight multiplayer modes for the game. The Battle Royale mode will be called Firestorm.

This mode will support sixteen teams of four players. This will mean that the total number of players will be 64, which is the usual number of players. They will be fighting it out to become the last one standing. The developers boasted that this will be the largest Battlefield map ever.

This map will have a lot of destructible buildings, vehicles, and weaponry. This means players have a lot of options in order to defeat their opponents and even use their environment to gain an advantage.

The trailer reveals the eight unexplored settings of the mode. It also shows the changes to squad play, re-engineered gunplay, the destruction of structures, creating fortifications, and many more.

The game will be launched on Nov. 20. It will be available on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: