Next Batman Game Might Feature Court Of Owls Story With Recent Clues

Batman Court of Owls

Batman Day 2019 was celebrated worldwide on Sept. 21 and it seems one studio is already hinting a new Batman game is in the works right now with a new story.

Next Batman game story might be one of fan favorites

One of the games to celebrate Batman Day 2019 was Fortnite with an area themed for the Caped Crusader. There were even skins available for everyone to try out. There is one other interesting hint from a recent tweet that celebrated the 80th anniversary. It was from WB Games Montreal and it showed a certain video with 30 seconds of time. It did not just show how they celebrated the Bat, but it featured three teaser images that flashed for a split-second at different intervals. One of the images directly referenced the Court of Owls. This could mean the next game could have them as villains.

Check out this mysterious tweet from WB Games Montreal:

To make it more interesting, Court of Owls creator Scott Snyder seemed to hint that he is confirming it, but he then deleted the tweet.

There were several rumors about this upcoming title for nearly a year already. This all started due to the same studio and its developers giving hints on social media. With Snyder’s interesting response, the rumor mill is getting busy and noisy due to the numerous speculations from fans and gamers alike.

A new Batman game with the Court of Owls as villains would open a whole new world of possibilities for the series. Maybe it could even continue the Arkham series, or a whole new one instead. Stay tuned for more news about this seemingly upcoming game.