Atelier Ryza Upcoming Updates To Add Photo Mode, Puni Raising, More

Atelier Ryza

Game publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust recently announced schedule for upcoming free content updates for JRPG Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout.

Atelier Ryza free updates will add swanky features

The Japanese version of the JRPG already has a schedule of upcoming updates for the JRPG. There are currently three free content updates lined up.

Check out the full details here:

■ Update #1

  • Release Date: October 10
  • Content: Photo Mode, Lost Lamb No. 2, and Me and My Puni

Photo Mode

Freely set various filters and frames, change the time of day, depth of field settings, posing, presense or absense of character expression, placement, and more.

Lost Lamb No. 2

An ancient tool specialized in being attacked by Ryza and friends. The amount of damage dealt, number of chains, and the like against Lost Lamb No. 2 will be recorded and you can acquire gems based on your score. (This will become available a little while after the story has progressed after becoming friends with Empel Vollmer.)

Me and My Puni

Raise your own Puni. By feeding it, its stats and appearance will change, and it will bring back items when it goes out on a journey. Enjoy its various transformations while raising your Puni. (This will become available halfway into the story.)

■ Update #2

  • Release Date: October
  • Content: “Advanced Exploration Patch” (certain skills upgraded, level cap increased to 99, and weapon upgrades expanded) and “High Difficulty Patch” (adds the “Legend” difficulty mode)

■ Update #3      

  • Release Date: November
  • Content: Gathering Synthesis level cap increased from 99 to 200.

The game will launch in Japan this coming Sept. 26. North America will have it on Oct. 29, while Europe will get it on Nov. 1. It will be released on PlayStation 4.

Here’s the trailer: