Are Graphical Downgrades That Much Of A Big Deal?

Recently, a lot of people have been concerned with the upcoming Spiderman Game and its graphical capabilities. This is all due to the discovery that a puddle that was seen from a previous level has been noticeably removed. Yep, one simple change has apparently become such a big deal.

While we’ve been shown a lot of videos teasing us about how it’s looks and the feel of its gameplay, who knows for certain if that’s exactly how it’s going to be when we get to play the game for ourselves?

Even knowing that it might not look the way we all thought it would, will that really hamper the experience?

I understand that graphics are just as important as the gameplay. But if the changes are inconsequential or minor then I don’t see why it’s such a bad thing.

If major downgrades are present after being shown what the game was promised to look like, then I could reciprocate the feeling of disappointment and frustration.

For example,  Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was heavily scrutinized for looking nothing like how it was presented during its E3 2012 trailer. So many fine details were scrapped, resulting in the game looking just average for its time. This wouldn’t have mattered as much if they weren’t heavily pushing how outstanding the game’s graphics are. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

The worst part was that its gameplay couldn’t save it. So you had a title which didn’t fulfill its appearance promises, coupled with subpar mechanics and an uninteresting plot and you have yourself a recipe for one of the most average games of that year.

Although it’s possible to release a game that both looks amazing and plays really well, you have no idea how much commitment and resources it takes to do it. Take the Witcher 3 as a perfect example. Yes, it took around 3 years to make which is pretty short for an outstanding game. But this was only possible due to the team working non-stop during its development cycle. Some may even call it “development hell” and even CD Projekt Red, the developer behind the game, released a statement in which they told that their approach to making games is “not for everyone”.

It’s important to understand that there are times where in order for something to perform well, certain things will have to be sacrificed. This is especially true for developers who wish to shove out an amazing game on time to ensure that they don’t disappoint their fans. Sometimes it’s just necessary for a game to lose a bit of graphical detail so that game devs can focus on other, more important aspects. So long as it doesn’t give up too much then is it really that bad?

Let’s say that the upcoming Spiderman game doesn’t look like how we all thought it would. Is that really going to prevent you from playing it? If it has fine-tuned fighting mechanics and more freedom than any other Spiderman title, will a few missing graphical details really stop you from getting it day one?

Although this is just my opinion, it’s still best to look forward to its release rather than worrying about its final look.

A lot of players have been brainwashed by the idea that a game can only be good if it has amazing graphics. Even though there are many titles which proves that statement incorrect, my favorite example being Octopath Traveler. The game is a a JRPG which mixes both 2D and 3D in a way that looks utterly stunning. The fact that this combined with a constant framerate and engaging fighting mechanics makes it an absolute joy to play despite not living up to the graphical standards of modern Triple-A titles. (Note: I know that this game is from Nintendo but I’m only using it to prove my point. Please don’t hate me.)

We have come to expect a lot out of developers in today’s generation, setting our expectations too high and feeling disappointed when they aren’t met. It’s fine to get excited over something, but just remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect game.

In conclusion, graphical downgrades aren’t the worst thing in the world. If the game is still fun then it shouldn’t matter if a few changes in the graphics are noticeable. So long as it’s nothing huge then there’s no real reason to complain or to get worried.