Apex Legends: Season 2 Legend and Ability Reveal

As EA Play E3 2019 continues, the developers of Apex Legends revealed the detailed for Season 2. The highlight of the reveals is the introduction of its newest Legend – Wattson.

Wattson is a defensive specialist that allows teams to turn any point in the map into a fortress – with the right use of her fences. Wattson can deploy up to 12 nodes at a time. The nodes connect to each other up to a certain distance.

The developers dropped hints that there are some unique interactions with the fence and other Legend abilities. Though none are confirmed yet at this time. Currently, the only things we know are that enemies that cross the fence do get shocked and their locations are revealed to the entire team. Also, the fence deactivates during the moments when a teammate is passing between them.

According to the developers, players can set them up how ever way they want. This puts an emphasis on area denial tactics. This is especially beneficial to players who take the time to really study the map, as their knowledge will allow them to set up fences in the most advantageous of locations.

Wattson’s ultimate summons an Interception Pylon that functions both as an active defense system and shield battery. Teammates around the drone recharge their shields. Wattson’s also becomes super charged, allowing her fences to function more efficiently. The drone other function is that it can intercept and stop grenade spam and bombardments. This handy device, working in tandem with the fences, creates a fortress from which the team can weather the storm.

For more details, here is the link to the EA Play E3 2019 reveal: