Apex Legends Guide: 5 Most Important Things To Remember

Apex Legends is evidently the most played battle royale in the market today. It topped 25 million players in just a week, beating Fortnite into a pulp. Apex Legends is even the most watched game on Twitch.

Among all other battle royale games, Apex Legends sessions are rather quick than Fortnite or PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). You’re going to be in a squad of 3 and there are only 60 players (a total of 20 squads). You don’t have to be afraid of falling as it doesn’t inflict any damage, and even outside the safe zone is forgiving since you can still loot for more items as the life depletion isn’t as harsh as the other games.

But winning is always the goal in battle royale games. To be the best of the best, to be number 1, the last standing player who managed to survive. But if you’ve been losing a lot, there might be reasons as to why you’re not getting 1st Place in Apex Legends.

If you want to win, you and your squad need to remember these important tips:

Always Land Safely

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Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends assigns a random player to be the jumpmaster. This jumpmaster controls where you and your squad lands and if you want to drop in solo, you can always press Circle – but this isn’t advisable. With its magnificent ping system, you and the other squad member can suggest where your squad lands.

It’s better to land in a place where there are little to no enemies. Avoid dropping at the highest loot area indicated in the map as other squads tend to rush and battle it out. You and your squad can always explore places where there are tons of great weapons and armors with higher tiers in nearby areas.

Ping Like There’s No Tomorrow

Since Apex Legends is more of a squad-based battle royale, its amazing ping system should always be utilized in every session. This is tremendously useful when you’re going to matchmake with random players who don’t have any devices to communicate.

You can simply tap R1 to suggest an area where you want your squad to explore, double tapping R1 sends out a warning and pinpoint where possible enemies are located, or you can press and hold R1 to open the other ping options like suggesting where to loot or if you’re defending a particular area.

Mindset: Survival

This isn’t a game about who’s got the highest kills, it’s a game about survival, about teamwork, and tactics. Some players forget that you can’t go all Rambo in Apex Legends, you can’t wipe an entire squad out head-on unless you outflank them and pick them out one by one, but that’s not the point.

You always need to put in mind that survival is the most important thing to do in Apex Legends. Engaging the enemy early on in the game is optional, you can let them kill each other until there are only a few squads left. If you’re faced in a situation where your squad is forced to engage, retreat and plan out your tactical approach. If you don’t have higher tier armors and your enemies do, then fall back. Get better gears before you engage.

Major tip, you’ll know the armor level once you hit an enemy. On bullet impact, the armor color shows. If it’s blue, then they have a Level 2 armor, if it’s purple then it’s a Level 3 armor. Always be keen to notice these small details as it’s very important to understand who you’re up against.

Do Not Ignore Gear Attachments

What I’ve noticed that other players usually missed to do is grabbing important attachments of the weapons they use. Provided that players usually get scopes and extended magazines, they usually ignore the stock attachments and enhancement add-ons for weapons like the Longbow, Triple Take, and Devotion.

There are still 4 tiers, with the color gold as the highest, for attachments. If you notice your attachments are low tiered ones, make sure to always look for higher tier attachments and replace what you currently have. This is crucial when you want to kill enemies, it provides you with a tactical and damage advantage if you do care about these gear attachments.

Loot What You Need

The most common mistake that other players do is they grab anything they see lying around. While this is a best practice for some, this can lead to mismanagement of items in the long run. It’s important to get backpacks, especially Level 3 ones, as you can’t really maximize your gears if you don’t have them.

Only get the ammo type you need. There are 4 types of ammo: Shotgun, Light, Heavy, and Energy. So if you only go for weapons like a the EVA-Auto and Spitfires, ignore the Light and Energy ammo they take your backpack slots unnecessarily. Since you can only equip two weapons at a time, depending on what ammo your weapons require, remember to not always loot ammo you do not need.

If you see Supply Boxes and Loot Ticks, do not ignore them. I repeat, never ignore them; these things surprises you with some rare gears.

Also, never grab gear attachments if you don’t have any plans of using it in the late game. If you unnecessarily take them, you’ll spend more time thinking about which ones to drop and to keep. It’s better to know your needed equipment and gears to avoid getting killed if an enemy suddenly bumps into you.

Item management is still really essential in Apex Legends.

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