Anthem Reportedly Crashes PS4 To Shutdown; Possibly Bricking The Console

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem launched barebones when it comes to optimization. Even if most of its issues like server connectivity problems and getting stuck at loading screens have been resolved, numerous problem appeared during players’ playthrough. I’ve also mentioned bits of the inconvenience I came across while playing the game in my review. For sure, it’s been discouraging.

Right at this moment, a lot of publications reported that Anthem is possibly bricking PS4s due to random crashes. People who have been playing the game since launch experienced problems and posted the issue on Reddit. A Reddit user, ForTheMasters, said that when the game crashed he immediately got booted back to the main dashboard of the PS4. However, that’s not the only problem, after the affected user tried to matchmake his PS4 eventually turned off. That will cause serious errors when the console is accidentally unplugged or if it shuts down unexpectedly – it might even break your PS4 in the process.

There were other reports that some players have experienced their console not turning back on by pressing the “PS” button on the controller. They have to manually turn the unit on with its power button. However, after switching the PS4 on, they get a prompt where the PS4 checking for hardware/software errors. After the quick diagnostics, it shows them the error code CE-36329-3. This particular error code means there’s a problem with the system software.  It’s alarming that even after turning off your PS4 this problem occurs.

I’ve also bumped into this problem yesterday. My PS4 Pro didn’t turn on after pressing the ‘PS’ button on my controller, and it turned on using the console’s power button.

On the EA Answers HQ forums, numerous users already reported the problem a few days ago. There were posts on Reddit that it even  It took EA long to respond to this issue and recently posted on Twitter a few hours back asking for more details about the said issue.

At this time, if you don’t want your PS4 affected with any hardware or software issue that could potentially break it, avoid playing Anthem for now until a patch is out to have this fixed.

We will update this report once we have further updates from the developers and its publisher.

Source: Reddit, Twitter

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