Anthem Developer Divulges Story Length Compared To Past Games

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem game developer BioWare and its top leads on the development team talk about how long the game’s story is and how it compares to previous titles.

Anthem story length is going to be hard to compare

Several fans are already asking and making up theories on how long the game will be when it launches. Two leads in the development team, lead producer of the game Ben Irving and lead producer at BioWare Michael Gamble replied to these questions.

Irving answered to one user who wanted to know if the game was on par with other BioWare titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. He was rather evasive about it and the studio could not compare because it was a difficult thing to do.

Gamble also gave a response to another user who was asking for an approximation on how long the story would take to complete. He did say that it will depend on how they will choose to play it and there are tons of side missions to finish. He also said that he has only played through everything a few times.

That remark really started a big discussion between the users regarding the completion times. He did say that the game will grow after it has launched.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available on Feb. 22.

Source: MultiplayerFirst