Absolver Gets Downfall Expansion For Free This Month

Absolver New Combat Style

The popular melee multiplayer video game Absolver will get a new expansion with tons of new content. This will include a new mode, a new combat style and more.

Absolver: Downfall contents revealed

The new expansion, Downfall, will be free for all players who have installed the game on their PlayStation 4. Game developer Sloclap revealed that the expansion will be launched on Sept. 25 and it will include a lot of stuff that fans will like. This expansion is big and robust that will have great bonuses for both PvE and PvP players in the gaming community.

Downfall game mode

One of the new elements included in the expansion is the new Downfall game mode that takes players in solo or cooperative runs in the Adalian Mines. This will give them a quest to battle Arcell and his corrupted Prospects. The Mines and Temples will have their own unique paths via a variety of challenges and situations. Players will have to fight against upgraded enemies with improved AI and three epic boss fights.

Combat style

There is another inclusion in this new expansion and that is called the Faejin combat style, which is inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. This is a pretty complex type of combat style, which is why experienced players will need to balance the fluidly powered offense with different defensive abilities. The Faejin style will feature three dozen different attacks for wargloves, sword, and bare hands combat.

School Challenges

The last inclusion of the Downfall expansion is the School Challenges, which will include reworked School Leaderboards. This will allow School members to compete with each other through rankings. The rankings will be updated at the end of each Season. Each of these ranking categories will have three specific rewards.

Source: PlayStation Blog