The Division 2 – Review

Though not completely flawless launch, The Division 2 is an amazing game. It’s shown us the proper way to launch an online game. And it sure as hell didn’t need to have a long road map just to recover...[Read More]

8 Great

One Piece: World Seeker – Review

The thought of a popular anime like One Piece getting a game piqued my interest. I was ready to explore the vast world of an open sea pirate’s life with wild goose chases here and there and an a...[Read More]

5.5 Average

Left Alive – Review

I can’t tell if Left Alive is trying to be a stealth game, a third-person shooter, or a survival game, but all I know is that it fails on all three accounts. Judging from promotional material, you’d t...[Read More]

4 Subpar

Song of Memories – Review

Over the years, games have always been about satisfying the audience’s imagination through astonishing graphics or realistic gameplay. As they develop, the stories become more and more complex, which ...[Read More]

6.5 Okay

Far Cry New Dawn – Review

When our way of life crumbles into ashes, only chaos awaits us as the embers of a new world order is our only fate. Far Cry New Dawn is what is in my honest opinion, the most chaotic, yet most fun Far...[Read More]

8.3 Great

Beat Cop – Review

Indie developer Pixel Crow from Poland during their younger days loved the 80s; especially those police-themed TV films with its dark humor, funny dialogues, and compelling crime scenes. You get to pl...[Read More]

7.5 Good

Anthem – Review

Whether you are soaring through the skies, bombarding lighting from above, or hovering like Iron Man, Anthem feels great during intense fights, and exploring its lush and dangerous locale is a sight t...[Read More]

6.5 Okay

Jump Force – Review

When the world of the near ultimate cluster of Shounen heroes we have all come to know and love collide right here in our world, one would think that the greatest miracle on earth has finally come for...[Read More]

5 Average

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Review

As a person who frequents survival horror, I always have the instinct to go for the head. Three shots to the brain should put the zombie down for good. But as I fire bullet after bullet, I realize tha...[Read More]

9.8 Awesome

11-11 Memories Retold – Review

11-11 Memories Retold is a narrative that’s set during the events of World War 1 and is a story of courage, friendship and overcoming adversity. It tells its tales in a uniquely beautiful and sometime...[Read More]

8 Great
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