One Piece: World Seeker – Review

The thought of a popular anime like One Piece getting a game piqued my interest. I was ready to explore the vast world of an open sea pirate’s life with wild goose chases here and there and an a...[Read More]

5.5 Average

Jump Force – Review

When the world of the near ultimate cluster of Shounen heroes we have all come to know and love collide right here in our world, one would think that the greatest miracle on earth has finally come for...[Read More]

5 Average

11-11 Memories Retold – Review

11-11 Memories Retold is a narrative that’s set during the events of World War 1 and is a story of courage, friendship and overcoming adversity. It tells its tales in a uniquely beautiful and sometime...[Read More]

8 Great

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Review

I just love how the Ace Combat franchise went back to its known and original formula. Others might have loved Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and others haven’t; with this new entry, hardcore ...[Read More]

8 Great

Digimon Survive Announced; Expected To Release In 2019

Earlier today, our friends at Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia recently announced that a new Digimon game is coming to the PS4 next year. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Digimon, Digimon Survive i...[Read More]

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