Ys IX Reveals New Information About Characters, Attack Skills

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox whole gang

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed some new information about the upcoming video game Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.

Ys IX new info details new characters and more

New information was revealed just recently in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, which introduced new characters to the game. Unique attack skills of each playable character were revealed as well.

Check out the full notes below:


  • Aaprilis (voiced by Haruka Michii) – A mysterious hooded woman. The pilot for Adol and the Monstrum. She has a deep connection to Nox (night).
  • Parkes (voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi) – A man imprisoned next to Adol. While he is a reliable cooperator, he has not shown his true nature.
  • Other Characters
  • Cara – A merchant.
  • Kirisha – Cara’s younger sister. Someone steals her sales. Unexpected developments await.
  • Rish – He is the one who taught Cara and Kirisha how to be merchants. His methods are tough, however.
  • Shantae – This game’s drag queen character. She understands the circumstances surrounding the Empire and church very well. As the bar manager, she will help Adol in various ways. “Dogi-chan’s muscles… they’re so dreamy!”
  • Yufa – The bar waitress. She is a quirky and soothing character who is considerably upfront. The mole beneath her eye is her charm point.

Unique Attack Skills of Each Playable Character

  • Hawk: “Carnage Lancer” – A long thrust with laser beam-like reach.
  • White Cat: “Wild Scratch” – A two-hit attack that starts with a dive at the enemy.
  • Doll: “Gensou Ranbu” – A three-hit attack: a thrust, spinning slash, and finally an explosion.
  • Renegade: “Dark Inferno” – Generates a sphere before you that sucks up and damages the enemy. You can also use other skills while it is active.
  • Raging Bull: “Stampede” – A charge attack accompanied by a shockwave.

Source: Games Talk