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youtubers life 2
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October 19, 2021
Uplay Online, Raiser Games
Uplay Online, Raiser Games
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Uplay Online, Raiser Games

Youtubers Life 2 is the sequel to the Youtuber Sim game Youtubers Life where you live the life of an aspiring Youtuber. The sequel is bigger and better in all things and is something that I was surprised to be enjoying. Let’s get to it shall we?

Youtubers Life 2 takes you through the life of what it takes to become a Youtuber star. The story starts us off as this player who has finished the Youtubers Life game and was rewarded by moving you to the town for Youtubers. You are able to customize your character although the choice of customization is not that extensive so you won’t really take long in this area.

The things that you can do in this game are gradually introduced to you. I really love that they did this because it won’t feel like the game is too overwhelming with all these activities. Eventually though, there’s just so much to do that a day is not enough to do them. The game cycles through night and day and time moves at an interval of 15 minutes which feels like 2-3 seconds.

There is a hard limit of 4:00 AM for your character to do what he needs to do for a day. After which he needs to go to sleep. If you don’t get home in time before the clock strikes 4:00 AM, the day just ends and summarizes it for you and then you magically end up in your house to start a new day.

You will also be provided with a drone that will keep you company for the rest of the game. Your drone is responsbile for ensuring that you are on top of what trends are currently going on and gives you tips and suggestions. Your drone is also upgradeable to so that it can do different things like being able to stream or provide you night vision so you can take pictures at night.

One of the activities that you get introduced to is Vlogging. Later on, you would be able to do Video recording for games, Live Streaming, and even post pics on Instalife. Recording or streaming a video will initiate a mini game that you will need to complete to successfully complete a recording. It will reward you with video clips that you can use to edit the video so that it can be published on NewTube.

The minigames are actually fun and interesting but one minigame takes away the “realness” factor of the recording. This minigame particularly happens in recordings. The recordings take you through a series of moments and lets you choose between 3 or more cue cards that will determine what you will do in that moment. However, it really wouldn’t matter which you choose as long as you know it will increase the reaction meters. Although some reactions will decrease the reaction meter, you will always choose the best cue card even if it doesn’t make sense for you to say or do what is said on the card.

As you rank up in the world of Youtubers, new perks and cue cards will be unlocked for you. Just like in real life, the more reactions you get, the more followers you gain. The more followers you gain the more coins you earn. If you don’t like to record a game or vlog, you can always do commissions where you run errands for people in town to earn a quick buck. These errands don’t really give you much but it will eventually add up.

If only being a Youtuber in real life is as easy as it sounds like in this game. Unfortunately, the it is far from what the real world has to offer but I do like the closeness to realism it provides as well as the fantasy that you can actually become a successful Youtuber.

The graphics is actually pretty good. Its style and design looks pretty inviting. And although it may not be on par with nextgen games, it’s cute and quirky in its own way. It doesn’t also feel like it’s outdated but it’s more like something in between.

The soundtrack is also pretty good and it’s something that you can hum along with. It has this fun and sunny disposition about it that makes you just feel relaxed while playing this game.

They have also added famous Youtubers in the game like PewdiePie that you can interact with and have quests with. This is a fun addition and makes it close to reality. The world is pretty much alive with NPCs and random local people that you can bump into. You would never run out of anything to do in the town.

Overall, Youtubers Life 2 is a very fun and addicting life simulator game. I was actually surprised that I am liking this game too much because it’s really better than its predecessor. I recommend this game if you are into simulator games like this. It will become a fun addition to your collection.

youtubers life 2
Youtubers Life 2 – Review
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