World End Syndrome Will Be Coming To The West

World End Syndrome heroines

Game company Arc System Works recently announced at the Anime NYC event that recently Japan-released video game World End Syndrome will be coming to North America.

World End Syndrome details

The upcoming mystery visual novel video game will be released on PlayStation 4 in Spring 2019. The game was actually released in Japan first on Aug. 30. It was also delayed from its initial April 19 release date for the same platform plus the PlayStation Vita version. The Vita version was unfortunately cut off.

The game is a visual novel that features a teenager who moved to the port town of Mihate. He lives in with his cousin Maimi Kusunose. He also meets a quiet girl called Miu Amana and from her, she tells a mystery. It is said that every hundred years, the dead come back to life. Maimi and Miu are the heroines in this game, but it also has other characters and multiple endings as well just like any other visual novels out there.