Wizard Of Legend Reveals Sky Palace Update With New Teaser Trailer

Wizard of Legend fight

Game developer Contingent99 and popular online game shop Humble Bundle recently revealed a very short teaser trailer of Wizard of Legend that focused on a new update.

Wizard of Legend Sky Palace update detailed

The new teaser trailer focused on what the Sky Palace update will be, even though there were only a few things that were shown. It revealed that a new chapter will be added to the game together with some new signature skills and enemies to fight against.

The game will have two pieces of larger DLC at a later date. This will include tons of new dungeons and bosses that the players will have to fight against. There will be tons of things to do when the DLC will be implemented.

One of the platforms that had this game during launch date was the PlayStation 4 and it was very successful. It sold more than 500,000 across all of its platforms. The update called Nocturne was implemented a while back. It improved the frame rate, load times, and the Arcana system.

Check out the trailer below: