What You Can Look Forward To This ESGS 2018

So another year has passed and it’s that time of the year. The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) is taking place again right here in the Philippines at the Mall of Asia. And this time, it seems that the developers are eager to show off what they got!

I, myself, have never attended a single event of Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit. So this year is my chance to pop my cherry. I was lucky enough to be in Manila to be selected by this website to help cover the events of ESGS.

The first thing I noticed at the press conference was the great hospitality shown by the hosts. They gave out free drinks and a snack bar for the press to enjoy at the back. But I did notice that there weren’t as many people as I was expecting, but I suppose I should definitely be thankful about that as there was so much more room to breathe.

On With The Show!

While ESGS is organized by Gariath Concepts, this year the event is co-presented by PLDT Home Fibr and Smart. We had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and voices of those who helped organize the event on stage right in front of us.

Truthfully, there wasn’t really much about the announcements that was anything new. Most of the necessary information was already given to us in a folder they handed out at the entrance. They mostly talked about the events that’s going to take place during ESGS 2018.

What Can You Look Forward To In ESGS?

Those excited to see some tech for gaming can look forward to MSI, HyperX, Predator, HP Omen, ViewSonic, and Logitech to showcase their own activities and see what kind of exclusive deals they have to offer at the event. Asus Republic of Gamers will also be presenting their latest line of gaming laptops as well as the reveal of their new ROG Phone which is highly anticipated.

And for those interested in the upcoming games, they can look forward to Capcom showcasing Devil May Cry 5 and the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Kojima Productions will also be making a presence in the event to sell their merchandise. Who knows, maybe they’ll have something to reveal about the upcoming Death Stranding?

There are also local developers that will be present at the event. Secret Six will be working with Project Xanada to host more activities and Synergy 88 will be promoting their newest animated series, Barangay 143. Many more game publishers will also be making a presence at ESGS such as: Gameclub, Gumi, Gravity, Monstronauts, Most Played Games, Ranida Games, NetEase Games, GMA New Media, Valofe, and more to promote their new titles.

Resident evil 2 Remake Licker

There will also be indie developers looking to showcase their own work as well at the Indie Fiesta. Supported by the Independent Game Developers Association Manila, these young aspiring developers have a chance to show the world what they’re made of.

Of course ESGS wouldn’t be much of an event if you can’t buy some worthwhile souvenirs. There will a lot of merchandise available for you to purchase. Though, prepare your wallet. These rare collectibles will probably cost you an arm and a leg. But it may be worth it as they will be selling exclusive merchandise on sale for those who are interested.

Interested in cosplay? Well, those who want to show off how well they can dress as their favorite video game character can look forward to the annual cosplay competition. Though this time, all contestants will compete with the best fighting game cosplay as well as performing their best fighting moves as well for the judges and the crowd to see. Participants of the annual cosplay competition might be familiar with the judges as Kang Dupet, Loki Heart, and Tessa will be making a return from the previous years to evaluate the competition to see who’s the best.

Esports Action!

Of course it wouldn’t be called the “Gaming Summit” if it wasn’t for Esports. Those looking forward to watching the best of the best take each other on can look forward to DOTA 2 and Tekken 7 finalists compete for the finals in the Road to The Nationals. PLDT-Smart, together with ESPN 5 and RCBC, will be bringing this nonstop action for three days for the whole country to see.

This will definitely be some of the most intense action to see! With Php 1.2 million for DOTA 2 and Php 300,000 for Tekken 7 as the prize pool, nobody will want to lose the chance to win it big, especially sine the winners will have a chance to be drafted into The Nationals, the country’s first franchise-based esports league.

Where Can You Watch This?

Can’t participate in this event? Well, that’s a shame. But don’t worry! You can still stream the even live on TV or your mobile device thanks to eGG network and TamagoLIVE partnering up with TV5.

You can watch esports content through eGG Network’s partnership with TV5 through AkysonTV UHF Channel 41. The partnership itself allows all Filipino to access the biggest international esports tournaments on free TV and digital terrestrial television. But if you prefer to watch the event on your phone, you can watch it at Tamago LIVE, a streaming app in the Philippines you can download in Google Play, Apple App Store, or on your web browsers at www.tamago.live for your convenience.