Warriors Orochi 4 Reveals Two New Characters With Trailers

Warriors Orochi 4 Nu Wa

Game publisher Koei Tecmo recently revealed two brand new trailers of its upcoming beat ‘em up video game Warriors Orochi 4 featuring two characters.

Warriors Orochi 4 reveals Orochi and Nu Wa

The first character to be introduced in a new gameplay footage is the longtime villain of the Warriors Orochi series Orochi himself. He was one of the few original characters that were made for the sole purpose of the series and he is also a mythological person. While he was the main antagonist of the previous three titles, it was not him who brought the heroes and villains in this dimension. It was actually the Greek god Zeus who brought them together, and it is still unclear if he is the main antagonist in this story.

The second character is the serpent goddess Nu Wa who was introduced previously in Warriors Orochi 3. In this gameplay trailer, she is fighting against an army and fights against one of the characters in the game, Lu Linqi.

The game will launch this coming Oct. 16 in North America and Oct. 19 in Europe. It will be available on PlayStation 4.