Warframe Gets Big Expansion Called Fortuna Featuring Venus

Warframe Fortuna

Game developer Digital Extremes recently revealed some new information about the newest big expansion of popular online multiplayer video game Warframe.

Warframe gets new expansion Fortuna

The newest expansion is called Fortuna that is set on the planet Venus. Players will now traverse on this planet filled with mechanical spiders, tall mushrooms, and more. This will be the second planet available on the new player’s star chart after Earth, which makes it fast and easy to get to.

To get to Venus, players will have to follow the Lotus’ suggestions and consult the Star Chart’s Venus Junction to compete five quick prerequisites. Access to the planet can be done within 1-2 hours.

City of Fortuna

When players land on the planet, they will find the dark and gritty city of Fortuna. Below the surface, they will meet the debt-interned Solaris Faction, which are particularly very desperate to pay their debt that they sell off their body parts as payments. Above the surface is the Orb Vallis area and they will meet the money-driven Corpus Faction overlords. They are led by the egocentric leader Nef Anyo who patrol the research bases and four strategically placed towers.

K-Drive hoverboard

Players will gain access to the new K-Drive hoverboard to traverse around Orb Vallis. It glides above the Venetian surface, can be customized, and can be called up from their inventory.

PlayStation Plus members can get a free Booster Pack II in this game. It will allow them to gain bonus items and more.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog