Vampyr Gets New Update Introducing Two New Difficulty Modes


Game developer Dontnod Entertainment recently revealed that a new update of popular video game Vampyr will introduce new features.

Vampyr new update details

The new update will introduce two new difficulty modes and it will have a large size due to that. Players are advised to get ready to download a big file before they can play the updated version of the game. This will launch soon, this Sept. 26.

The two new modes will offer different kinds of advantages for players. Each of these modes will give something interesting for the newcomers and those who are already playing the game. These are the Story and Hard modes.

Story mode will lessen the difficulty of the game and will de-emphasize combat. This allows players to focus more on narrative so that they can enjoy Dr. Jonathan Reid’s journey, but on an easier note.

The Hard Mode will greatly increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. Players will gain less experience from killing enemies, which can be very difficult to increase levels. This will force them to rely more on sacrificing citizens to grow in power.

Starting up the game will let players choose between one of the two new modes. They can also choose the Normal Mode if they want to. This will be the game’s original version.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Official Website