Vambrace: Cold Soul Gets Brand New Story Trailer

Vambrace: Cold Soul climb

Game publisher Headup Games and developer Devespresso Games recently released a new trailer for upcoming adventure game Vambrace: Cold Soul.

Vambrace: Cold Soul trailer details

The new trailer features the background story of the game, and introducing the female protagonist Evelia Lyric. She journeys on several locations, and recruits several members for her team. Each of them has unique abilities that are essential for the journey ahead.

Check out the overview below:

Take on the role of Evelia Lyric as you embark on several expeditions that will truly test your mettle as a leader. Before departing, visit the recruiting board to assemble your team. Each member brings their unique strengths and abilities to combat and the expedition itself. Craft new items from old loot, make sure your party is properly equipped, and journey to the surface to fulfill your objectives. The path ahead will be fraught with difficulties, but every one of the game’s seven chapters offers unique challenges emphasizing different party combinations and a high level of replayability.

Lyric comes into ownership of an ancient relic known as the Aetherbrace, after her father’s passing. She then embarks from the human realm of Edena on an expedition into the frigid, Dwarven kingdom of Dokkheim. It is there she hopes to find answers that may reveal more about the strange artifact and her father’s mysterious past. In the story trailer, Evelia Lyric makes her fateful journey to the cursed city of Icenaire.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available in the third quarter of 2019.

Check out the story trailer below: