Types of Apex Legends Players You’ll Meet

It has barely been a month and already Apex Legends has swept the whole world. This battle royale game with over 50 million people playing worldwide, this is the perfect game to play with your friends. But alas, that isn’t always the case. If you’re forced to play alone with randoms, there always that chance you’ll meet up with these types of people.

The Premature Jumpmaster

The premature jumpmaster can be one of the more frustrating ones. He’ll jump immediately after the countdown is over, most likely to where everyone else is landing, and get your team killed early in the game. Unless he’s really good. Then you’ve caught a case of bad luck with him on your side.

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He’s most likely only interested in the kills. Not really in winning. Since the beginning of the match is where there is the heaviest of activity. It’s difficult to deny that there’s a bit of thrill and excitement to be jumping ship so early. But with this guy on board, you can count your survival rate lowering significantly. Just pray that you’re the one who gets to be Jumpmaster. Unless you’re this guy.

The Godsend

You have about a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of hooking up with this type of player. The Godsend is somebody who carries the whole team from start to finish. Solo other squads by himself. And can probably win without your help. In fact, he’s so good that you start to wonder if foul play is involved.

This is the kind of player every other player aspires to be. Unfortunately, you have about as much chance of pairing up with this guy as winning a lottery ticket.

The Quitter

Okay, it’s understandable not everybody has time to play. Emergencies can happen anytime. Doesn’t make it any more frustrating when you meet up with this type of player. In the middle of a firefight? Well, he has to leave and just disconnects right when you need him the most. Or he just goes up and leaves before you even have the chance to retrieve his banner.

Of course, there is a possibility that it’s just his internet connection. Perhaps a blackout at his place occurred and the situation is just out of his control. Doesn’t make it any less of an inconvenience though.

The Loner

Every once in a while, you’ll get somebody who isn’t Jumpmaster and decide to jump in solo. Far away from the team as possible. Team play is not this guy’s forte. As to why he even bothered to play Apex Legends, a team based game, is anybody’s guess. But this guy fancies himself a Rambo.

Which, of course, leads to him inevitably dying five kilometers away from where you can’t revive him. He who fights alone, dies alone. This player only has himself to blame. Poor fool.

The Broadcaster

Also known as “That One Guy Who Leaves His Microphone On.” Not exactly an annoyance since you can just mute him. But in most cases, this guy just leaves his microphone on with no real intention of using it for cooperative play. You’ll hear background noises like water running or other people talking in the background. And there’s a big chance that the guy doesn’t even speak your language.

Not the worst guy to pair up with, but you’ll definitely be on a team with him occasionally. Maybe it’s normal for PC players, but for the PS4 player base we often prefer to keep our microphones off.

Mr. Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later

Every so often, you’ll be underequipped to take on a certain task. Maybe the game just started or you landed on the wrong spot, but there is this one guy who often sees enemies by the distance…and then immediately starts shooting. Okay, in an aggressive game like Apex, shooting first is often the norm. But there’s something to be said by being under-equipped enough to fight an enemy team by the distance. Sometimes it’s best to let someone else finish them off.

Well, this guy didn’t get the memo. He starts shooting wildly, spraying bullets everywhere. And alerts the enemy to your location. A minute later, your whole squad gets eliminated. And most of the time, he doesn’t even bother pinging where the enemy is.

The Leeroy Jenkins

Are you in a good vantage point? High altitude with a good view, lots of covers, and not in the open area? Well, the Leeroy Jenkins doesn’t seem to like claustrophobia and is afraid of heights. Because the second you take your eyes off him, he’s off towards the horizon to combat the enemy team on even grounds… by himself. Is it seriously so hard to understand when you need to hold position?

Pity for the soul who gets stuck with two of these on his squad. It’s one thing to die because you don’t have the advantage. It’s another thing to have an advantage only to throw that out the window willingly.

These are the types of Apex Legends players that we’ve met during our time. Did we miss a few? Tell us about your experiences with the types of players you’ve met online. Not everybody fits well in a team together, but sometimes you get this stroke of luck and everything about the team you’re in just clicks. Which rarely ever happens.