Twin Mirror New Paris Games Trailer Features First Puzzle

Twin Mirror MC driving car

Game developer Dontnod recently released a brand new trailer of psychological thriller video game Twin Mirror that premiered at Paris Games Week.

Twin Mirror trailer walks through first puzzle

In this new trailer of the upcoming psychological thriller game, the protagonist Sam Hayes comes back to his hometown of Basswood in the American rust belt to attend the funeral of his best friend.

This is where his alter-ego, The Double accompanies him on his journey. He has high self-confidence that Hayes does not have and the instincts of self-preservation and protection. It actually has some similar comparisons to popular films like Fight Club. In this game though, The Double is less anarchistic and smarter than the main character.

Hayes then blacks out the night of the funeral and finds a bloody shirt that belongs to him. He then enters a memory realm where he tries to piece together the series of events by using clues in the real world and the interacting with highlighted sections of the memory realm to recreate the sequences of events.

The first episode of this interesting psychological horror will be coming next year. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: