New Tom Clancy Title Might Be Announced Soon With New Tease

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands

Game publisher Ubisoft recently revealed a brand new teaser video that might mean a lot of things. It might even mean a new Tom Clancy title in development.

New Tom Clancy game might be in the works

The new teaser video seems to lead with this new video, but this is actually not where it all started. Several fans as of late noticed some interesting easter eggs all over a certain title: Ghost Recon: Wildlands. These are Skell Technology references and are scattered all over the game. They traced this to a Skell Technology website where the log in asantos and the password 10068 granted access to it. The video seen below is what they see and shows some kind of a promotional tool. It is narrated by Skell Tech founder Jack Skell. Their goal is to build a better future today by selling consumers on the idea of a wide array of drones for public and private use.

Several theories are already floating online and one seemed interesting. This could mean that there could be a launch of the DLC that will feature Sam Fisher. Another fan theorized that Skell Tech is tied to another game: Rainbow Six Siege. Other fans are still hoping that it could be a new Splinter Cell title.