Timothy’s Night – Review

Sometimes a villain needs to be the hero

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August 27, 2021
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Timothy’s Night brings us to the world of Timothy. A world of a criminal who woke up in an alien invasion. A villain who has to now act as hero to save his city. Timothy’s Night is actually an enhanced version of the PS4 game Timothy vs the Aliens. Let’s find out if it’s worth getting on the PS5. I have not played the PS4 version of the game so my perspective will be that of playing the game for the first time.

Timothy’s Night is an open world platformer third person-shooter game (wow that was a mouthful). Timothy is a gangster and owns the city by terrorizing the villages and robbing their businesses.

It’s set in a noir monochromatic world which has been disrupted by colorful aliens. He is not the typical good guy superhero but he was forced to save the city from the alien menace. I really like the art style, the contrast between the monochrome world and the invading aliens is so jarring it feels, for a lack of a better word, out of this world. The accompanying background music just adds more to the noir feel.

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Timothy has a few weapons and tools in his arsenal. He has access to four types of weapons with handgun being unlocked to you at the beginning. The other weapons can be unlocked by purchasing them from the shop. From the shop, you can also buy grenades, additional ammo and keys that will be useful in your adventure.

He also has a special ability called The Ace. The Ace allows him to slow down time so that you can accurately kill enemies. Using this ability will deplete your stamina but you can always collect stamina by defeating enemies. There are also NPCs scattered about the city that you can talk to have your stamina permanently increased.

Speaking of enemies, when you are traversing the city, random enemies will popup to try and attack you. I personally think it’s a waste of time trying to kill every random enemy you encounter. This is because the only incentive of killing them is getting stamina which you don’t normally need anyway. The Ace are only useful during forced encounters.

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Forced encounters are instances in the game where you are forced to fight a horde of aliens in an enclosed area. You can only escape the area if you defeat all the enemies. The enemies come in waves and the next wave comes after each wave that you clear. These encounters, are fun at first but it can get repetitive really fast. The reason being because you are not able to manually save your game. You are only reliant on the auto save feature that the game provides you.

The bad part about this autosaves is that it only saves during checkpoints. The checkpoints are either the beginning of an area or when you pick up a collectible item. This can be very frustrating especially when you die in a forced encounter or just right after a forced encounter because then you will be forced to redo the forced encounter again.

The game has lots of different alien enemy types. From the small red ones that look like little octopi to the aliens that are riding UFOs. As I mentioned earlier in this article, the enemies randomly show up in the open world. And I mean very randomly that sometimes they just show up behind you while you are fighting a group of enemies. I almost feel like the devs are punishing me for enjoying the game too much that they want to ruin it by a random alien that has backstabbed you.

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Although you can control the camera view, there are certain points that the camera “sticks” into place when you try to go over a particularly out of view corner. This can be annoying especially if you are battling enemies because then you are forced to reset the camera.

There’s not really a lot that makes this game a truly unique game unlike any other. However, as this game was specifically made for the PS5, it utilizes the functionalities of the PS5 enhancing the game experience.

Overall, if you like games that have a noir vibe, this is at least worth checking out.

Timothy’s Night – Review
Score Definition
It’s a good game, but the bad may be harder to ignore than usual.
Great music
Nostalgic noir theme
Shooting aliens is satisfying
Combat can get repetitive
Camera views can get stuck
No manual save option
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