THQ Nordic Announces Purchase Of Warhorse Studios

THQ Nordic logo

Game company THQ Nordic has recently announced that it has purchased another studio and this time around it is the one behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Warhorse Studios.

THQ Nordic buys Warhorse Studios

The announcement came during the first anniversary of the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It was revealed via press release and it was bought by the subsidiary Koch Media for the price of €33.2 million. Along with the deal is the ownership of all IP rights that Warhorse Studios has previously owned. This is not surprising since Deep Silver, another subsidiary of Koch Media, was the one who published Kingdom Come: Deliverance last year. Koch Media’s CEO acknowledged that this partnership is what led to a relationship developing with Warhorse Studios and then resulted to this purchasing.

Warhorse Studios CEO Martin Fryvaldsky said in a statement:

Becoming part of THQ Nordic is an important milestone for our studio. We began as a small start-up with a handful of employees who were enthusiastic enough to join this challenging project. The skill of our team members, trust and support of our main investor and passion of our fans, who supported development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance through a Kickstarter campaign helped us grow to an international level.