The Walking Dead By Overkill Is Not Cancelled Stated By Game Publisher

Game publisher 505 Games recently announced and made clarifications about the state of the console port of upcoming video game Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead not dead yet for consoles

A few hours ago some rumors said that the console version of the zombie video game was already cancelled by the game developers and publishers. This rumor drive started on Reddit where one of the users said that their pre-order for the PlayStation 4 version has been cancelled via the PlayStation Store. They said that the reason was that it was not planned to arrive anymore.

505 Games stated the opposite and clarified these false claims. It said that the game is not cancelled at all, but the console version’s development was delayed. The publisher of the game on PC, Starbreeze, did give a statement last month that the console release has been pushed back.

There is still no clarification from Sony if it was some kind of mistake, or if the original Reddit post was just a hoax.  The game is still coming to PS4.