The Outer Worlds Release Date Rumored To Launch This August

The Outer Worlds

One recent change to upcoming and most anticipated video game The Outer Worlds’ platform page seems to suggest that it might be launching soon.

The Outer Worlds might be launching soon

Obsidian Entertainment’s latest game in the works is now one of the most anticipated games this year due to the previews that the developers show to the fans. However, they have not revealed the specific release date for it, but there might be a clue when it will finally launch.

There seems to be some new clue that was revealed on the Steam DB page for the game. It shows that it was briefly modified to feature a release date: August 6, 2019. After a couple of hours it was reverted back to its original version, but it can be seen on the changelog. The clincher to this clue is that it seems to be that the developer or the publisher was the one to add the date and it is a Tuesday, which would make sense to release it on that date.

The new update to the Steam DB also featured different subtitles for different countries like German, Italian, Brazilian, English, and more.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Steam DB