The Long Dark Comes Back With Remastered Story Mode

The Long Dark

Game developer Hinterland Studio recently announced that video game The Long Dark will be getting a remastered story mode and more improvements soon.

The Long Dark gets December Update

The developers promised way back in August that they were planning to make an update when Episode 3 will be launching. And as promised,the December update will introduce Redux versions of the Wintermule game mode for the currently available Episode 1 and 2. This means that these two episodes will get remastered versions and all NPCs will be fully voiced and animated with re-written and re-recorded dialogue. It will also get a first-person narrative and a new dialogue mode.

New content will be included in this update as well like new story moments, new characters, and missions. The developers wanted the game to feel new for the players to try out. Backtracking has been reduced as well and survival needs have been retuned. More ammo has been made available around the world.

New challenge mode

A new challenge mode was included in the update called the Archivist. A craftable Rabbitskin Hat is also available with a new and revised cooking UI. A Well Fed health buff will take effect if players avoid starvation for longer than 72 hours and will grant them a buff to their Condition and Carrying Capacity.

For the moment, the Bear Spear will be exclusive to the Story Mode, but it might get included in the Survival Mode in the future.

Also a warning, due to the changes, the previous Story Mode saves will now be compatible with the updated version of the game and will be wiped as a result. The save files in Survival Mode are also compatible and will allow players to continue where they left off.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official Forums