The Last Of Us Part II Details Shared By Devs Were Carefully Curated

The Last of Us Part II Joel

Another important detail was shared by one of the guys from Naughty Dog, which was Joel’s voice actor Troy Baker. He divulged something interesting about the upcoming video game The Last of Us Part II.

The last of Us Part II voice actor reveals what Naughty Dog did

Troy recently talked to a certain gaming publication at the MCM Comic Con Scotland about what Naughty Dog did with information sharing with the fans. He said that everything that they have said and shown of the game so far has been carefully curated. They wanted the players to experience it in a certain way.

The voice actor even told that he even locked horns with game director Neil Druckmann over how things were done and shared. He does respect Druckmann for how the story has been crafted.

Here is Baker’s full statement:

There’s nothing that Neil has shown, said or shared that has not been carefully curated. There’s no one that cares more about you, as the gamer, having the perfect experience than him. Even to the point that he and I have locked horns because we’ve disagreed about how things should be done or shared or whatever, but it’s because wherever there’s contention, there’s care. I respect him so much for how he has crafted this story.

I have to go back and give credit to Neil because the cards that he has shown have been very, very carefully selected. Not because they’re worried about giving too much away or spoiling it, simply because there’s a way that he wants you to experience his game. I’m always cautious to make sure that I don’t mess that up.

The full game will launch next year, February 21, 2020. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: GameByte