The Last Of Us Part II Footage Shown At Conference

The Last of Us Part II Ellie

One of the attendees of the recent Gamestop Managers Conference revealed that upcoming and most anticipated video game The Last of Us Part II was shown at the event.

The Last of Us Part II got revealed

The attendee who goes by @Gaming_Forte on Twitter recently revealed that he and the rest of the crowd in the event got to see some footage of the upcoming video game sequel. It was just a short video showing some gameplay, but it showed some stealth action and how players can use Clickers to their advantage.

Unfortunately, there was no reveal of the game’s release date. The attendee does think that the video will be made public soon.

Going by the time the video was shown, it could be revealed at the upcoming new State of Play event. It was rumored to be aired on Nov. 1. Do note that there is no confirmation from Sony itself, but it would most likely happen before the year will end.

The upcoming game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4.