The Last Of Us Part II Final Scene Confirmed Officially Shot

The Last of Us Part II

Game director Neil Druckmann has just confirmed that the final scene of upcoming video game The Last of Us Part II has officially been shot.

The Last of Us Part II last scene wrapped up

The game director has recently confirmed that game developer Naughty Dog is wrapping up and has officially shot the last one. This means the game’s ending scene is finally done, and it will now be transferred for development.

This was revealed by the director in his official Twitter account, and as expected, it was an incredibly hard scene to shoot. He also shared a teaser image that showed the script, but only the phrases CUT TO BLACK, and THE END were shown.

This does not mean that all of the scenes have been shot. Other motion capture scenes might still be in development until they will announce that the game has gone gold.

There is still no official release date for this game, but it will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4.