The Forest Comes To PS4 Soon With Tips To Survive

The Forest survival

Game developer Endnight Games Ltd. recently announced that upcoming horror survival video game The Forest will be launching soon. They also revealed some tips to survive the game.

The Forest comes out soon

Game developer Anna Terekhova revealed that the upcoming video game will launch tomorrow. It is a survival video game that throws players in the middle of nowhere and somehow learns how to survive the passing days with almost nothing. The game will be available on at the PlayStation Store for only $19.99.

Tips for survival

Since players will have almost nothing on them when they start this game, they will need to do some basic things first in order to survive. First they need to craft a club in order to defend themselves against enemies. In order to make such a weapon, find an enemy cannibal and kill him. After that, chop off his head, build a fire, place the head on it, and wait for it to burn away the skin and flesh. When it becomes a skull, shove a durable stick underneath so that it will become an effective weapon against enemies.

Build effigies to ward off enemies that would try to invade the players’ private spaces. In order to do that, dismember the enemies as much as they can, take the body parts, and make stick effigies with them. This will serve as a warning against those monstrous cannibals.

Food and shelter are important as well. Players can hunt deer and rabbits, or even pick berries, but be careful and make sure they are not poisonous. Cannibalism is also an option in order to survive another day. After creating a base, make a good fence for a perimeter.

Weapons can be upgraded as well like combining tree sap and teeth that were knocked out from an enemy’s mouth. It can upgrade the club with spikes afterwards. Armor can be made as well like skinning off a big lizard and wrapping the skin around the body for a good light armor. Lastly, it is important to stay clean so that the cuts will not be infected.

Source: PlayStation Blog