The Division 2 New Update Will Improve Skill Mod Requirements, More

The Division 2 roadmap

Game publisher Ubisoft recently announced that popular looter shooter video game The Division 2 will get a big upcoming patch that will introduce more stuff.

The Division 2 new update improvements

In a recent State of the Game stream, Ubisoft revealed that the upcoming big patch will introduce a lot of changes to the game and additions. The update is called Invasion: Battle for D.C.

Aside from the already revealed World Tier 5 and Tidal Basin additions, the update will introduce a complete re-balance of skill mods. Players who have played the game since launch should be familiar with the high requirements for most mods, which made it impossible to have a functional skill build.

The update will finally lessen the needed requirements, and the bonuses will increase, but the requirements will be higher as well. Another controversial change was the weapons that included positive and negative effects, which did not sit well with the fans. The developers are now taking them away with this.

All mods will have different boosts depending on the slot, but players should expect these bonuses to be smaller now. This is to offset the removal of the negative effects.

Some other mods like the weapon magazines will still have drawbacks, however. The developers’ goal is to have at least one mod for every slot to have no drawbacks at all.

Some skills will be updated as well to improve usability. Some of these skills are the Sniper Turret with better control, Firefly aim, and a few others.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.