PlayStation Galaxy’s Best Games Of 2018: Spider-Man

Last year was filled with really great games but only two stood out for me – God of War and Spider-Man. I wanted to write about the former, but that title was already taken by another writer (cu...[Read More]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode Gets More Options

Game developer Insomniac Games recently released a brand new update of recently popular video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Marvel’s Spider-man gets more photo mode options With version 1.11 of the game’s...[Read More]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets New Update Adding New Game+

Game developer Insomniac Games recently announced that their most popular open-city action video game Marvel’s Spider-Man is getting a new update. Marvel’s Spider-Man finally unlocks new game+ Insomni...[Read More]

Spider-Man Video Game Would Not Be Created Without Sony Support

In an exclusive interview with a gaming publication, game developer Insomniac Games revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man would not exist if not for Sony. Spider-Man existed because Sony Creative director...[Read More]

Spider-Man Confirmed To Have New Game Plus Mode

Game developer Insomniac Games recently revealed that recently released video game Marvel’s Spider-Man will have a new feature in the near future. Spider-Man to have popular feature soon Insomniac Gam...[Read More]

Spider-Man web swing

Spider-Man New Video Features Explanation On Web Swinging Mechanic

Marvel Entertainment recently released a brand new video featuring how game developer Insomniac Games nailed the web swinging mechanics of upcoming action-adventure video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Mar...[Read More]

Spider-Man reveals Black Cat

Spider-Man new Trailer Features The Black Cat In Upcoming DLC

Game developer Insomniac Games recently revealed that look of a new character that will be included in Marvel’s Spider-Man upcoming DLC. Spider-Man new trailer features Black Cat The new look of Felic...[Read More]

Spider-Man Post Launch DLC Release Date Schedule Revealed

Game developer Insomniac Games recently revealed more details about the upcoming post launch DLC for upcoming action adventure video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man post launch DLC schedule annou...[Read More]

Spider-Man text

Spider-Man Latest Trailer Features Hero’s Friends And Foes

Just like the same as last time, the latest trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man is narrated by J. Jonah Jameson and features the hero’s friends and foes. Spider-Man trailer focuses on relationships Game p...[Read More]

Spider-Man watch

Spider-Man By Insomniac Games Gets New Trailer Featuring Combat

A new trailer was once again revealed by game developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man new trailer focuses on combat The latest footag...[Read More]

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