Battlefield V soldier

Battlefield V Content Roadmap Revealed With New Tease

Game developer DICE recently revealed the official content roadmap for popular FPS Battlefield V. Battlefield V roadmap details In a recent blog post by DICE, the developer outlined some details of wh...[Read More]

Battlefield V Firestorm

Battlefield V To Launch Firestorm Battle Royale This Month

Game publisher EA and developer DICE recently announced that online FPS Battlefield V will now have a battle royale mode and it will launch this month. Battlefield V welcomes battle royale mode The ne...[Read More]

Upcoming Battlefield V Update Fixes Company Coin Issue, Improves ‘Death Experience’

Battlefield V has made a lot of improvements since launch, and DICE isn’t stopping anytime soon. Recently, there were numerous reports that players who reached the max level of 50 aren’t g...[Read More]

Battlefield V title

Battlefield V – Review

For the past few years, Battlefield and Call of Duty have focused on modern shooters and futuristic sci-fi drama, especially on Activision’s popular shooter. And I think it’s high time to revisi...[Read More]

8 Great

Battlefield V First Major Update Launching Soon After Delay

Game developer DICE finally announced that the first major update of Battlefield V will launch soon after it was delayed just recently. Battlefield V upcoming update delayed DICE announced that the fi...[Read More]

Battlefield V Will Get Some Balance Updates and Tweaks Soon

Game developer EA DICE recently took to Reddit to reveal the upcoming balance changes and interface tweaks that will be coming in the upcoming update of Battlefield V. Battlefield V to get Tides of Wa...[Read More]

Battlefield V Reveals To Have No Map Voting At Release

Game developer EA DICE recently revealed during Weekly Debrief that the map voting option in Battlefield V will not be available at its launch. Battlefield V new changes revealed EA DICE recently talk...[Read More]

Battlefield V Vehicle Rank Tree

Battlefield V Progression System, Battlefield Currency, More Detailed

Game developer EA DICE recently made a detailed blog post about Battlefield V progression system and other features in it. Battlefield V new information The recent blog post revealed EA DICE’s plans f...[Read More]

Battlefield V Gets New Single-Player Trailer Featuring Stories

Game developer DICE recently revealed a new trailer of upcoming FPS video game Battlefield V featuring stories of certain characters in the game. Battlefield V trailer content details revealed The new...[Read More]

Battlefield V title

Battlefield V Gets new Trailer Featuring Battle Royale Game

Game developer DICE and publisher EA recently released a new trailer of the upcoming FPS video game Battlefield V featuring the Battle Royale mode. Battlefield V Battle Royale mode revealed Both compa...[Read More]

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