Sword And Fairy 6 Chinese RPG Coming To PS4 This April

Sword and Fairy 6 Chinese RPG

Game publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Softstar Entertainment recently announced that the Chinese RPG Sword and Fairy 6 will be coming soon in a few months.

Sword and Fairy 6 details

The upcoming Chinese RPG will be coming to North America this coming April 2 on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store. Europe and Asia will get this game on April 3. The price tag will be $26.99 only. Online retail store Play-Asia will offer a limited physical edition.

Check out the details below:


Sword & Fairy 6 is an RPG set in a stunning world of Chinese heroism & fantasy come to life.

Embark on a journey to uncover ancient secrets and slumbering beasts in a world torn by warring factions and deception. Freely explore a world of hidden items and abandoned paths while customizing your party and weapons to your heart’s desire!

Choose the playstyle of your characters and weapons, combining unique attributes and combinations – and even morphing the way your weapon looks and attacks!

Fuse real-time and turn-based combat to one, with options to freely select what suits your playstyle. Command the battlefield with strategic formations on your quest for answers!


  • Explore a world of ancient Chinese mythology!
  • A fusion of real-time and turn-based combat, with player customization!
  • Use formations & skills to break through enemy defences!
  • Adaptive and compelling difficulty options!
  • Seamless transitions from cut scenes to scenario battles!
  • Free exploration, including vertically!
  • Customize your weapon’s look and attacks!
  • Earn reputation by completing quests and finding items!
  • Play a variety of mini-games and puzzles scattered through the world!

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official Website