Switchblade Finally Leaves Early Access, Becomes Free To Play

switchblade fights

Indie game developer Lucid Games recently announced that the action MOBO video game Switchblade has now left Early Access and now available for free.

Switchblade becomes free to play

Lucid Games announced that their 5v5 action MOBA game will now be available to play on PlayStation 4. They can gain access to it as a full game on Jan. 22 and it will be free to play.

The indie game developer assured the players that they will be bringing in more content in the coming months like vehicles, maps, modes, cosmetics, and more. They also said that they will support the game to assure its success.

The game will be set in the future where armed vehicles are equipped with powerful and deadly weapons. They can fight against powerful enemies as well and clear out bases. Two teams of 5 players will have to compete in a frantic battle in order to take down enemy towers and more.