Super Robot Wars T Gains Highest Sales Overseas, Trial Launches

Super Robot Wars T Gao Gai Gar

Game producer Takanobu Terada recently announced that mecha fan-service SRPG Super Robot Wars T is selling very well overseas.

Super Robot Wars T is selling well outside Japan

Terada revealed that the video game has the highest overseas sales for the series yet, even more than the Japanese version. The countries that contributed to this were Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, which are all in Asia. There were fans outside Asia that were buying the Asian versions as well, which contributed to its success.

The factors that made it very appealing for the fans were the English translation, the series list, and the overall high quality of the game. SRW T does recycle some animations from previous titles, but the mecha units each have beautiful animation.

SRW T is now available on PlayStation 4. It was also revealed that a demo is now available on the Asian PS Store. Check out our review here.