Super Animal Royale Teaming up Variety – The Children’s Charity To Raise Awareness

Help raise funds for service dogs!

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Super Animal Royale the ever increasing popular game that took the world by storm is teaming up with Variety – The Children’s Charity to raise funds and awareness for service dogs for kids in need.

Content Creators are also joining in on the event to help raise funds. The team at Pixile Studios created an exclusive pack for those who are donating. The special pack includes a Variety Tuxedo, Top Hat and a heart-laden umbrella. The exclusive pack will be available from September 1st to the 30th and 100% of the proceeds will go to Variety – The Children’s Charity.

The event will be going on through the whole month of September and will be spearheaded by Super Animal Royale content creators to inspire the player community to sign up to stream or donate to the cause.

All players can also receive a special Variety Heart Antennae by using the code “petember” . Just login to the game and choose “Coupon Code” in the settings menu.

For more information on how to donate visit the following websites:

We also recently reviewed the game which we got totally impressed with. Check our review here:

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