Sudden Strike 4 DLC, The Pacific War, Is Now Available

Kalypso Media announced last week that a new downloadable content just launched for their hit World War II real-time tactics game, Sudden Strike 4.

The Pacific War DLC features new sets of missions across two campaigns. There are 6 new commanders which include the Imperial Japanese Army’s Admiral Soemu Toyoda, the Southern Expeditionary Army Group’s Hisaichi, Legendary five-star US general Douglas MacArthur and Chief of Staff Richard J. Marshall. These iconic commanders can definitely set a new tone during battles in Sudden Strike 4, and players can relive the Pacific Theatre of War.

51 new vehicles are also added in The Pacific War DLC like amphibious vehicles for land and sea combat, aircraft carriers, and combat planes. Flamethrowers are also part of the DLC to eliminate combatants in a spectacular World War II fashion.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

Sudden Strike 4 is now available on PS4 and other platforms. The Pacific War DLC is also available for only $19.99.

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