Submerged Hidden Depths – Review

submerged hidden depths
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March 10, 2022
Uppercut Games PTY LTD
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PS4, PS5
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Submerged Hidden Depths, the sequel to the popular game Submerged. This game is a direct sequel so if you haven’t played the first game it can be a little confusing at the beginning. However, the game does give you a bit of a summary on what happened previously.

The game is a mixture of open world exploration and puzzle platforming. In essence, the game is a great outlet for anyone who just wants to have a very casual and relaxing game. The puzzles are actually interesting enough that it relies mostly on trial and error and exploration. This game is pretty much a game that the whole family can enjoy.

The story of Submerged Hidden Depths revolves around Miku and Taku. A brother and sister who is trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world that has been submerged in water. Miku was given a gift that most normal people would have turned into plants. Instead she was given a gift that would heal the plants. So it is up to her to find the seeds that would heal each plant. Most of the time you get to control Miku to traverse places with seeds but you also get to control Taku in little puzzles areas where you only have to find collectibles.

The world is teeming with collectibles for you to find. One of them are salvage parts for you to upgrade your boat letting you travel faster. Another collectible are relics from the past that you can fish out of the water. These relics can be displayed at your homebase. You can also get pieces of a collection that when completed becomes a cosmetic that you can use to customize Miku’s hair or how your boat looks.

The set design puzzles for the game are very interesting. It ranges from easy to difficult depending on your skill. But most of the time, if you really just think out of the box and be very observant of your surroundings, anyone can solve the puzzles that the game gives you. The game doesn’t provides you with a hint here and there if you know where to look. But it’s subtle enough that only the most observant will be rewarded with such hints. There are even times that you will need to use the boat to solve a puzzle. Which is really cool because it really lets you utilize every aspect of the game and know that each of them will have a purpose.

Traversing the platforms in this game is also very easy if you know where to look. It even makes the controls very simple to use because as long as you press forward on the controller your character will always move where it can. There is no fear of your character falling to their deaths as the game restricts movement to where it is safe for your character to go to.

The graphics of this game is very beautiful and stunning. With the cycle of night and day, nothing can be more beautiful when you are cascading through the open water with a backdrop of sunshine hues and lovable sunsets. Every slosh of the water that rocks your boat feels realistic that it affects where your boat is moving towards. It’s just so serene and beautiful that you just want to just sit there and enjoy the beauty that this game provides. You can even capture any moment at anytime by using the Postcard feature of the game.

The music really complements the beauty of the game itself. It’s just so calming and soothing that it will definitely make you feel relaxed. It’s definitely a great game to escape the misery of the real world and gives you that zen vibe and peace that you are hoping for. It’s a nice game to escape reality and a fun way to exercise your brain. It truly is a game of relaxploration.

I have only really played a few games where you don’t really encounter enemies so it is such a nice and welcoming surprise that this game doesn’t have it. The only enemy in this game is yourself as you fight through solving each puzzle to get to that next location. But then again, there is no time limit in solving anything here so you can really take your sweet time in solving them.

My only personal gripe about this game is that the puzzles maybe a little too easy. I have not really encountered a puzzle that I have been stumped on for hours. So for any hardcore puzzle gamers out there, this game might turn you off. But if you just want a relaxing game then this is definitely something you need to check out.

Overall, Submerged Hidden Depths is a fun relaxploration puzzle adventure game. The characters are very easy to warm up to. The puzzles are fun to solve albeit can be very easy at times but nevertheless fun to do. The world is teeming with things to discover making up for endless hours of exploration and puzzle solving. If you are looking for a game where you don’t have to worry about the dangers lurking in the shadows, then this game is perfect for you.

submerged hidden depths
Submerged Hidden Depths – Review
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Beautiful and stunning world
Many things to discover and explore
Music that fits perfectly with the world
Puzzles can be too easy if you know where to look
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