Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Gets New Costumes For Holidays

Street Fighter V Falke

Game company CAPCOM recently revealed some new information about the upcoming new DLC costumes of popular action fighting game Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Editions new costumes

The new costumes will be launched this coming holidays and there are several of these charming skins. There will be four characters out of the six characters from the third season that will have these costumes. Strangely, G and Sagat were not included.

Falke wears a long red winter coat with edges of white fur. She tightens the costume with a thick green belt around her waist. The weapon that she uses, the staff is now replaced by a striped candy cane. Mistletoe is also attached to her red hat and she wears a pair of elves’ shoes.

Blanka wears a rather weird costume, but he is not a stranger to such types. He is somewhat wearing a reindeer costumes in a cartoonish way with a small red Santa hat on his head. Cody is looking good with his Santa coat, hat, and green shirt. Sakura is wearing a rather skimpy outfit with black reindeer horns, a lingerie-style top, and a short black skirt.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4. The holiday costumes will be launched on Nov. 27.

Check out the trailer below: