Street Fighter V Gets Free-To-Play For Two Weeks

Street Fighter V free trial

Game company CAPCOM recently announced that players will be able to play popular action fighting video game Street Fighter V for free for a limited time.

Street Fighter V goes free-to-play

Interested gamers and fans that have not been able to purchase the popular video game will now be able to try it out on PlayStation. The good news is that it will be for free to try out, but it will just be for two weeks. It will also include four fan-favorite DLC characters. These characters are Juri, Blanka, Menat, and Akuma.

The classic characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and M.Bison will be available right away as part of the main 16-character basic roster. The four DLC characters are only available in certain game modes like Ranked, Casual, and Training. The limited free-to-play period allows access to certain modes like the Arcade.

The free-to-play trial period will start on April 23. The game is already available on PlayStation 4.