Street Fighter V Sponsored Content Gets Backlash; Producer Responds

Street Fighter V Original cast

Fans of Street Fighter V are actually bitter due to the addition of the sponsored content to the game, gaining backlash. The executive producer has now made a statement regarding this.

Street Fighter V backlash addressed

The cause of the backlash is due to CAPCOM putting up ads for DLC, tournaments, and events, which could be seen by players in the form of loading screens, stage decorations, and stickers on the costumes of the characters. The fans find that annoying and a bit excessive for their part.Executive Yoshinori Ono has now made a statement via Tweeter:

Some do not realize that it is actually easy to remove the ads. They can just toggle it off in the settings. The problem is that there is a bonus for keeping it on, which is fight money. In-game money is awarded to the players if they encounter the Sponsored Content in any part of the game.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.